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  • Are Ethea Home tableware dishwasher, microwave and oven safe?

Most of them are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. If you do use dishwasher, please make sure that the water temperature is moderate and gentle washing powder is used. Please check the individual product listings for the care instructions on this or contact us if you have any questions. On the same note, please be advised that although they are dishwasher safe, washing by hand is recommended to help prolong the life and shine of each piece.

  • How quickly should I wash or rinse my dinnerware?

All dinnerware should be rinsed immediately to avoid staining. Acidic foods such as vinegar, mayonaise, tartar sauce and eggs can damage the glaze and the colour of tableware if left standing for long periods.

  • Can I purchase the tableware in a set for families or business purposes?

Ofcourse you can! Please drop us an email stating your enquiry to We aim to get back you in 5 business days.

  • Why do some tableware have imperfections instead of being 100% flawless and identical?

Most of our tableware are ceramics and porcelein. Due to the unique nature of the production process, irregularities in colour and glaze with tiny specks are typical. No plates is a hundred percent identical to the other.